Maintenance is one of the most important products to add to your contract. The finance company take the risk of paying for expensive and unplanned maintenace costs.

Key customer benefits of Maintenance Vehicle Servicing Cover:

  • The finance company pays for and processes all budgetted maintenance invoices
  • Fixed term budgeting
  • Access to a unique Service Booking Line Service where the finance company makes all the service arrangements
  • Access to over 6,000 dealers in the UK and Northern Ireland
  • All maintenance invoices are approved by finance companies using l-link technology

Key customer benefits of Network Maintenance Tyre Replacement Cover:

  • Tyres replaced at 2mm tred depth as opposed to 1.6mm - the legal limit
  • Damaged tyres are included in the maintenance package (except vandalised or stolen tyres)
  • 24/7/365 call centre
  • Free mobile tyre service available at office or home, on an appointment basis
  • Scheduled Fleet Inspections – by arrangement
  • Premium Brand tyres are fitted - Michelin, Dunlop/Goodyear and Continental

Other customer benefits include:

  • Optional breakdown cover, 24/7/365 service with the option of a FREE OF CHARGE 24-hour hire car upon request and a patrol fix rate of 82%. Branded patrols attend with a
  • 45-minute average speed of attendance.
  • Minimum hassle - one number to call for all services

Maintenance is available on Contract Hire, Contract Purchase, Personal Contract Hire & Drivewise funding products only.