Box vans

This is a box shaped van which has a garage-style rear ‘shutter’ door. These are usually used by companies that need to haul large amounts of cargo. They are also used as moving vans. Popular box vans include the Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter and the VW Crafter.

Combo / kombi  vans

What makes the combo van unique is that not only can it carry large loads but it can also seat up to three extra people. There are different types such as sportive combo van which come with additional features such as an overload shelf and soundproofed bulkhead, as well as it’s sportier look and powerful engine. These are a good alternative.



SWB means short wheel base and LWB stands for ling wheel base. If you intend to carry small but heavy loads, then the SWB would be a more suitable choice. If you plan to carry more / larger items, the LWB will suit your needs better.